Pasaia Port

We are working with you to draw up the maritime lines of the future


Port planning

In accordance with Government economic and transport policy, the Ministry of Development approved the strategic development model, the performance criteria and the general technical, economic, financial and human resource management objectives for the entire state port system.

State Ports and Port Authorities have to operate in keeping with the general objectives included in the general interest strategic framework for the port system. These will be implemented in each Port Authority through the Strategic Plans and Infrastructure Master Plans and will be executed through Company Plans previously approved, in turn, by the Ministry of Development.

In our case, the Strategic Plan for the Port of Pasaia 2015-2025 includes the data, studies, analysis and plans for port activity, its evolution and expected future scenarios, as well as the data and analysis on its existing infrastructure, resources and equipment and future plans. You can see the extended version of this plan here: 

This Strategic Plan is implemented through the Investment Plan and Annual Business Plan. Here we summarise the most important milestones for the year 2017:


Similarly, our Infrastructure Master Plan includes the possible uses of each space in the port area based on different criteria (types of traffic, activities, resources available, etc.), the evolution of these infrastructures in the future and the adoption of measures to achieve a better relationship between the port and the city. In order to work on the compatibility of the port activity with the urban environment we also have the Special Plan for the Pasaia Port Service Area which includes ideas for better port-city relations.