Pasaia Port

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Recreational sailing

Pasaia port has many square metres for the mooring of recreational and fishing boats. Specifically, It has 423 berths of different lengths, distributed across 3 quays in the bay of Pasaia:

Pantalán Torreatze-SanPedro

Donibane Quay

Herrera Quays

Mooring of sports boats:

  • 150 berths of 6 metres
  • 34 berths of 8 metres 
  • 4 berths of 12 metres

Donibane Quays

Mooring of sports boats:

  • 84 berths of 6 metres 
  • 68 berths of 8 metres
  • 9 berths of 10 metres
  • 4 berths of 12 metres

San Pedro Quays

Mooring of sports boats:

  • 34 berths of 6 metres
  • 22 berths of 8 metres


Pasaia's Quays

The application for berth places is made through a raffle in the Pasaia Port Authority and individuals or legal entities can take part in this competition, whether or not they own sailing-recreational boats. Even if eventually all the berth places are awarded, those interested in making such a request should indicate the berthing area and category they wish to apply for and to wait up to the next application's raffle.

If you are awarded a mooring, you must present the relevant documentation to the Pasaia Port Authority Service within 90 calendar days from communication:

  • Photocopy of ID card.
  • Photocopy of seaworthiness certificate.
  • Photocopy of the shipping register and sheet showing entry.
  • Photocopy of the insurance policy including in writing the removal of wrecks.
  • Photograph of the boat in which the name and registration number can be read..
  • Completed sheet for the registration of new users registering new users in the Pasaia Port Authority, unless it is a change of berthing location..

Once the registration of the awarding of the space has been completed, and after having provided the winning party with the information relating to their space, the relationship of that winning party is now with the management companies of the berthing spaces:


Club Deportivo de pesca naútico Izkiro Pasai Donibane

Address: Bordalaborda 15 2B. 20110. Pasaia

Tel. no.: 650 257 482

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Chairman: Ángel Fernández


Torreatze - San Pedro

Address: Torreatze bajo s/n.  20110. Pasaia.

Tel. no.: 610754850

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Chairman: Iñigo Uranga


Hospitalillo - Trintxerpe

Address: Antiguo Edificio Vigilancia. Zona portuaria. 20110. Pasaia.

Tel. no.: 688678689

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Chairman: José Luis Villoslada

Pantalan San Pedro 5

San Pedro Quay