Pasaia Port

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Vista aérea del puerto de Pasajes

Maritime Traffic Control

The ships and boats that want to access the docks and port areas have to meet a series of characteristics and follow a maritime traffic procedure  which ensure, insofar as is possible, the safety of the traffic and vessel movements.

In the case of Pasaia port, it must also be taken into consideration that the access channel is inhabited, so the need to adopt a series of preventative measures and establish a Traffic Control Procedure in all margins becomes essential.

Maritime traffic control procedure manual for Pasaia port:

This manual must be followed by all ships and boats that have permission to be in the waters of Pasaia Port and its area of influence, understanding this area to be the Port's service area, area I and area II, as defined in the Plan for usage of port space.

avanzado y buenavista

Pasaia, urban port.

IMG 5876

Entry of a ship into Pasaia Port.