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Vista aérea del puerto de Pasajes

Fishing market

In 2019, the Pasaia fish market building is being renovated to create a multipurpose building; a modern, functional space for the fishing sector and a versatile place for the people of Pasaia. Discover it!

The intense activity in this market, which is ranked third for fish turnover at state level, is achieved through the agile loading, unloading and sale of the goods. That same smooth process occurs in the loading and unloading of trucks and vans that distribute the fish purchased at the market.

However, this NEW building is also a reflection of the effective regeneration of the Bay of Pasaia; the transformation of the port area for better coexistence with the municipality, where a modern market is also a meeting point for citizens and visitors:


Equipment and services

Benefits for fish wholesalers and retailers:

  • Optimization of the market's structural space: Open column-free space, distributed via 3 perpendicular axes, for smooth circulation of the goods.
  • 8 new dealer modules (wholesalers): 35 rental modules, so that wholesalers can pack, label and seal the fish purchased before transport.
  • 40 new parking spaces: A total of 149 parking spaces in rotation.
  • Eco-friendly market: The marine geothermal system installed uses sea water for the efficient and sustainable cooling of the building. Likewise, the cave-like structure enables a high thermal insulation effect, making it easier to maintain a stable temperature all year round.

Benefit for citizens and visitors to Pasaia:

  • 40 new parking spaces: A total of 149 parking spaces in rotation.
  • Modern building: Definition of the urban complex of this area of Pasaia San Pedro.
  • Development of the fish market’s new square, integration in the urban environment.
  • Wide range of services: Café and catering for users of the fish market, residents of Pasaia and visitors.
  • Multipurpose space and meeting rooms: To hold events.

In Pasaia, our future is full of possibilities. Thanks to the support of the public institutions, we are re-designing and modernizing port spaces, adapting and dimensioning them to meet the needs of current and future users.