Pasaia Port

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Docks and port areas

Pasaia Port is a natural port formed by a bay that provides full shelter for the boats. As a result, loading and unloading work can be carried out safely throughout the year, whatever the sea conditions.

Its inlet channel has a minimum depth of 10 metres at low tide, with a sandy bed. This depth is maintained naturally without the need for dredging operations.

Its docks cover a length of almost 4,500 metres, of which approximately 250 metres are used by companies involved in ship building and repair and other auxiliary activities, 1,000 metres are used as fishing docks and around 3,250 are allocated to the following commercial uses:

In total, the land area is about 770,000 square meters. In comparison, the total floating area is about 910,000 square metres.

Technical information:

Pasaia Port is equipped with a wide range of high quality resources that allow it to carry out the tasks of loading, unloading, handling and storing goods in a flexible and efficient way.

Grúa. Estiba de papel en puerto de Pasaia.

Crane. Paper loading in Pasaia Port.

The different docks are equipped with 14 cranes of varying strength, distributed according to the use for which each crane is intended. These cranes are privately owned and their management corresponds to the companies which operate from our port.

Docks and port areas: Cranes

Similarly, the port has 3 mobile ro-ro ramps (roll-on, roll-off) of different sizes to facilitate the movement of vehicles, which account for much of the traffic in our port. Pasaia has a semi-covered car silo of 90,000 square metres for the storage of these vehicles.


Our facilities contain a total of 11 warehouses of different sizes, all equipped with the necessary tools for the quick and easy handling of goods..

Warehouse 1 Store: 2.524 m2
Warehouse 2 Store: 2.524 m2
Warehouse 4a Store: 6.300 m2 
Bridge crane.  Interior rail access
Warehouse 5 Store: 2.695 m2
Warehouse 6 Store: 4.480 m2
Warehouse 6a Store: 2.603 m2
Warehouse 7 Store: 6.257 m2
Bridge crane.  Interior rail access
Warehouse M Store: 4.110 m2
Cámara Warehouse Store: 6.000 m2
Warehouses 8-9-10 Store: 2.700 m2
Car Silo Store: 90.000 m2

At Pasaia the fishing sector has an infrastructure of approximately 25,000 square metres, fully prepared for quickly and easily unloading the goods and making them available to the consumer.

Any ships and boats wanting to access the docks and port areas must meet the following characteristics .


Siderurgic products warehouse. Pasaia Port

Muelle de Lezo. Estiba de contenedores.

Lezo Dock. Loading containers.

Muelle de Lezo. Estiba de contenedores.

Coil warehouse. Pasaia Port