Pasaia Port

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Cruise ships

Pasaia port is a natural harbour in an area of great beauty and a safe and attractive haven for cruise ships visiting the Cantabrian Sea. Located in the centre of the Bay of Biscay, it is a strategic destination as it is between San Sebastian and Bayonne, just 20 kilometres from the border with France.

The main feature of this port, however, from a tourism point of view, is its proximity to very varied tourist options and beautiful countryside. Go back in time and discover the charm of a typical Basque fishing village from the eighteenth century, visiting the historic centre of Pasaia or put on some sturdy mountain boots and enjoy beautiful walks in the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Donostia-San Sebastian is a city with a long and impressive history in tourism and it is just 5 kilometres from the port. One of the world's most famous culinary cities, it is also at the forefront in supporting science, technology and culture; Bizkaia meanwhile, is all about modernity and innovation. The provinces of Álava and Navarra offer more gentle options, characterised by their wide range of possibilities for rural, family and wine and food tourism.

Strategic geographic location:

Longitude: 1° 56’ 032 W (Greenwich) / Latitude: 43° 20’ 084 N

Salida de crucero en el Puerto de Pasaia

Frontal del Adonia en el Puerto de Pasaia
Entrada del crucero Azamara en el Puerto de Pasaia
Entrada del crucero Azamara en el Puerto de Pasaia
Crucero Azamara en puerto de Pasajes

Infrastructure for cruise ships:

The dock for passenger traffic is called Buenavista. It is not a dedicated passenger terminal but is easily adapted for mooring. It has a length of 582 metres, a width of 68 metres and a depth of 10 metres. With easy access for the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, it is also easy for buses and taxis to reach. This facilitates the transfer of passengers for the different excursions and activities outside the port.

Muelle de Buenavista. Infraestructura para cruceros

Buenavista Dock. Docking area for cruise ships.

Operational safety in the disembarkation area:

The Port Authority is responsible for fencing off the embarkation and disembarkation area, as well as controlling entry and exit using the Port Police. The security forces of the Civil Guard and National Police also provide security.

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