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Customer service

The Customer Service Department at Pasaia Port Authority has been created to channel requests for information, suggestions, complaints, claims or other matters relating to the port and its activity. The aim of this service is to provide different ways to serve the customers and to coordinate the necessary resources to respond to the different requests within the period specified in our incident resolution protocol.

Customer Service is provided through the following options:

In person: Port Control Centre

You can file your writing, providing all the documentation you deem necessary, at the Port Control Centre of Pasaia Port Authority between the hours of 8.00 am and 8.00 pm, Monday to Friday (Not public holidays).

Address: Centro de Control Portuario. Recinto Portuario s/n. 20110. Pasaia.

Telephone service

Telephone No.: (+34) 943 351 844 – (+34) 943 351 849

Online service

Electronic Headquarters Port Authority of Pasaia