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Rail connections

Forming part of the Atlantic rail system, its 11,668 metres of Iberian gauge track (1,674 metres) link Pasaia with all the major logistics platforms and centres on the Peninsula.

6.04% of the goods handled in Pasaia are transported by this means, with 3.9% relating to vehicles (percentage of vehicles transported by train vs. total goods transported by this means), so rail accounts for 59.26% of all the vehicles transported from our facilities.

The Pasaia Port Authority is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the rail infrastructures under its management in the internal Pasaia Port Rail Network (RFPP), as explained in the document Information about the Pasaia Rail Network 2016 .

The safety of movements by rail requires clearly regulated action, in such a way that the employees involved in the processes know how to act at all times. In this regard, the Internal Pasaia Port Rail Network Regulation (RCPP)  contains the essential and necessary set of standards and provisions which must be observed in order to ensure the safe and effective carrying out of movements using the Pasaia Port Rail Network.

Acceso ferroviario a almacenes

Rail access to warehouses

Vías ferroviarias puerto de Pasaia

Pasaia Port railway tracks

In recent years Pasaia has improved its infrastructure to streamline this and raise the profile of the option to transport freight by rail. In addition to expanding the area for storing vehicles to 170,000 square meters and improving the infrastructure for ro-ro traffic, it has improved rail access at the docks (except the Oil one which has no rail link) and acquired material to streamline and raise the profile of the handling of goods.

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