Pasaia Port

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Vista aérea del puerto de Pasajes


The docks at Pasaia are suitable for handling goods. It has a natural depth of 10 metres in the main docks, warehouses with enough equipment to ensure maximum performance in the handling of goods and a strategic location which offers easy access from the port to the peninsula and the rest of Europe. Regardless of the means of transport used, the connections make this a highly competitive infrastructure.

We are the drivers of economic land activity in the sense that Pasaia port meets the logistical needs of companies in Guipuzcoa and its hinterland. From our docks, we move by sea, road or rail, 37.85% iron and steel products, 10.19% automobiles and 3.76% paper, these being the main products handled at Pasaia Port.

Atlantic Europe accounts for half of the maritime freight traffic at Pasaia Port, with about several direct weekly services. Our strategic location, adjacent to European road and rail connections, offers a highly efficient alternative in terms of the time and costs involved in multimodal transport. Check all our connections here:


In terms of fishing, Pasaia has a modern infrastructure which is adapted to receive both its own fleet and that from other ports. This has led to an increase in traffic of 7.79% (by sea) and the number of companies operating here , consolidating Pasaia’s role as the most important point of sale in Gipuzkoa.