Pasaia Port

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Vista aérea del puerto de Pasajes


In this area, and with the collaboration of the different agents involved in the environmental improvement of Pasaia bay, within the framework of the Inter-agency Committee, the Pasaia Port Authority, through the Control Centre of the Port Police, centralises the processing of complaints received and assesses each case to decide whether certain measures need to be applied which are aimed at reducing the noise levels produced as a result of port activities.

The main source of noise contamination present in Pasaia port is the loading and unloading of general goods (mainly scrap).

The Pasaia Port Authority collaborates with different bodies on programmes for assessing noise levels caused by the environmental sources and port activities in the area.

Means / Measurements:

To reduce, insofar as possible, the noise caused by loading and unloading operations, the Pasaia Port Authority establishes instructions aimed at limiting the impact of port operations on the surrounding area such as, for example, the establishment of specific times for the loading/unloading of goods which may cause disturbances.



                                              Measurement of noise in the train access of Lezo.


                                       Noise dampening panels in the vicinity of the Port Authority.